Friday, February 24, 2012

Beautifully Simple Sense of Things

Dear Mary,

Your books, your words are how we recognize our kindred spirits, woo our beloveds, salve our souls, shake up our brains and hearts. If by some ordinary magic our words can return all this soul-filling wonder, joy, satisfaction of mind and spirit to you (I imagine it like rain soaking into the forest floor-many textures, varied paths to fill waiting capillaries) and that reflection of your gifts can somehow heal you or help you as your gifts have healed and helped us, then we will only have paid back a small part of what we have received. Thank you for your quiet noticing, for your attention, for your beautifully simple sense of things. For your well-chosen words. For the words left out. For sharing all of these with us.  Your books are among the most well-worn in my collection- frequently consulted- with favorites for certain seasons or occasions, frequently gifted in whole or in part as needed and very deeply cherished. Thank you.     

Annie Keville

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