Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Words that Feel So Familiar to Me It Startles

dear mary,

my dear friend wendy golden-levitt sent me a link to a website where i learned that you are ill.

wendy said you might like to hear from me (shocking me, of course) and so i will tell you this: you are the poet who writes with words that feel so familiar to me it startles.

only recently have i found you-tube videos of you reading your poems, and i have loved hearing your voice, and seeing your eyes twinkle.

i will tell you this: i wish you didn't have to deal with illness, knowing that most of us do. i wish you could write and write and write, knowing that's an impossible and crazy wish.

please know that i will hold you in my heart, easy because you are already there. i wish you strength and good spirits.

and i send you my deepest respect and caring
and love,
velma bolyard

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