Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Common Language

Dear Mary,

My dog-eared copy of "New and Selected Poems, Volume 1" has a handwritten note on the title page that reads -
New Year's Day, 2005
The light within these poems-of-the-heart begins and continually recycles back through "Wild Geese". 
p. 110

Mary, your poetry shined light on a world that I would have otherwise never known, although I felt it, deep inside my soul since before I was born. You gave me a common language to express the wonder of it all, and this helped me connect with people who knew the same secret language that I learned from you. I'm especially grateful for this because people were never my favorite species to commune with, but they've gotten so much better since I discovered your poetry.

Because of you - I shine! 
Even in my darkest hours! 

And so will you...and so will you.

Lisa Daris

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