Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Wasn't Toiling Alone in the Wilderness

Dear Mary,
We met very briefly at the Ohio Poetry Day get-together in 1981 or there-abouts.  I had just started writing poetry again; so much of poetry was modern then, but I wanted to write nature poetry.  It was such a pleasure hearing you read, and afterwards I looked up your written works and was happily impressed.  Knowing that I wasn't alone toiling in the wilderness (or under-developed areas) was a real inspiration.  I am from Cleveland and graduated from Collinwood in '49, but after that I lived here on the Marblehead peninsula and raised a family.  Poor old Cleveland!   I was so happy to finally live in the country. 
Hope you are soon able to be out and about when the red-wing blackbirds return to our northern zones.
Marian Veverka

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