Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Guide Through So Many Key Times

Dear Mary,
I found your poem "The Journey" when I was in college. It guided me through the hardest time of my life to date, and gave me courage to make a difficult choice. Since that time, I have fallen in love with your words, and they have buoyed me, comforted me and made me take notice of the world around me. Your words are at the bottom of my email signature, a mantra or motto of sorts. To say "thank you" seems inadequate since you have guided me through so many key times.
I teach high school English, and I expose my students to your words every chance I get, because they are the sorts of things they desperately need to hear. I hope that the passion with which I teach your poems inspires them, and serves as a true example of my gratitude.
Wishing you blessings and comfort in this difficult time.
With love,
Amy Estes

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