Thursday, February 16, 2012

Risk Greatly, Wonder Deeply

Dear Mary, 

A handful of years ago, I sat in a seaside tavern in Scotland beside my lover in a sunlit corner, glasses of wine and a platter of cheese and grapes between us. We were celebrating life and the aching intensity of young love. In a lull, he asked me to close my eyes. I heard the rustling of his pack, the turning of pages, and finally, his Irish lilt as it curled around the words of your poem, "Wild Geese."

Your poem was so lovely that—with my eyes still closed—I asked him to read it again.

For reasons I may never entirely understand, that love was not destined to last. But in that moment another love story was birthed. In the years since, your poetry has been my constant companion, the proverbial soundtrack behind my meandering journey. By turns, your poetry has been my comfort and my inspiration. It has encouraged me to risk greatly, wonder deeply, and age gracefully. The debt that I owe you for each of these gifts is inestimable.

May the blessedness you have released into the world return to you in abundance, infusing this shadowed time with hope and healing.

Kristin Perry

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