Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Light Shining Within Trees

I wish you the light shining within trees and all things—
Susan Rogers
What Trees Say
Toyama, Japan
In the shrine
of an unknown God
I follow the path 
of seekers.
We have come
to this holy ground
charged with light
to offer respect and prayer.
The tour leader
does not know whom
is  honored here
or how to address
our greeting properly.
He knows the language
of the country but cannot
decipher the name of God
from the weathered sign
at the entrance to the shrine.
I am at a loss as how to pray
or speak in harmony
with this ancient place.
So many Gods—
which one is here?
I pause at the top
of  many steps
admiring light
sifting through  leaves
bringing every color
into clarity.
Where are the answers
that I need? I wrap
my arms around a tree
and lean there,
In quiet I hear 
The second one
says “Focus.”
The third is silent.
As is the fourth,
but I wait there
measuring silence
sinking into the heart
of tree
until I finally hear
the warmth
of an inner knowing
filling me,
these unknown trees—
this light filled sky
and I in communion.

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